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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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A P2P Crypto Trading Platform

Trading or investing in cryptocurrency can be a challenging or intimidating task as this online market has a different flavor as it has a different impact compared to other markets. When trading or purchasing cryptocurrency, the top priority is the security and safety of the platform which is frequently discussed. Here is a crypto trading platform, it’s an opportunity for the investors to know about that before joining it.

Paxful is a digital marketplace for crypto buyers and sellers where different cryptocurrencies are allowed to trade with a variety of payment gateways. Paxful was established in 2015; operating from its headquarter located in the US but also being operated from multiple cities around the world.
The company was developed by a group of developers having the ambition of providing an efficient and facilitating Bitcoin purchasing platform, the most well-known founders are included Artur Schaback and Ray Youssef. Now, the company is being functioned by more than 200 developers and employees and moving fastly to achieve its main objective of providing world-class crypto services to the whole digital currency community.

The main issues with other crypto exchanges are limited payment methods and geographical restrictions plus irresponsive services, but Paxful is providing a decentralized trading platform where both these issues are being dealt with properly.

Paxful Core Features: βš™οΈ

Here are some unique core features of this crypto trading platform:

Trading with secure escrow services:

For all Bitcoin transactions, Paxful is providing secure escrow services where every transaction is being monitored properly.

Free wallet Services:

After joining the platform, a lifetime free Bitcoin wallet will be provided and maintained by Paxful. BitGo is dealing with this service.

Opportunities to create extra Income: πŸ€‘

Paxful is offering an affiliate program to facilitate its users in creating an extra and steady flow of income stream.

Paxful exchange fees: πŸ’°

No fee is charged on buying Bitcoin from Paxful, only the seller pays the fee. 1% of the total amount of the transaction is charged from the seller. On Paxful, sellers set the exchange rates as per their desire; that's why exchange rates are so high. Sellers apply high charges to compensate that 1% of selling fees.

Supported Payment Methods: πŸ’³

Providing several payment methods making Paxful unique from other competitors around the world. Some payment methods supported by Paxful are the following:

  • Skrill
  • Revolut
  • Credit cards and debit cards
  • Line pay
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash in person
  • Western Union
  • Cash by mail
  • Gift cards
  • The cash app
  • ApplePay
  • Alipay

Supported Countries by Paxful:

There is no restriction for any resident living in any country to use the Paxful platform but it is recommended to follow your countries policies regarding crypto trades on this platform. India is a big crypto market supported by Paxful and African residents are not charged upon using the platform.


PROS: πŸ‘

  • Fiat currency is supported to use like USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, and GBP.
  • Offering many payment options
  • No charge for using the platform
  • Users are kept anonymous while trading
  • Responsive customer support with great user feedback.


  • There are high exchange fees
  • As of now; only Bitcoin is available to trade.
  • Having good controls to deal with cybercriminals


The user experience on this platform is extremely intuitive and it is considered a pretty smooth Bitcoin trading platform with conceivable payment methods and is playing a certain role in the crypto ecosystem. It is also one of the few trading platforms where gift cards are turned into Bitcoin, it is also attracting users due to this distinctive feature. Moreover, researches and current transactions make Paxful a safe and legit platform where Bitcoin transactions can be made after verifying the vendors properly.