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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Coinbase is the most popular and trusted crypto platform that has been offering the services to the people from 2012. Coinbase has witnessed huge surge in the users due to the increase in the price of bitcoin and people interest.

Payments methods 💳

The platform offers different types of payment methods and varies country to country. However, the mostly used payment methods are :

  • Bank transfer : Bank transfer is an easy and reliable method to fund your account into by transferring the money from the bank accounts.
  • Wire : Wire transfer is also a best method to fund the accounts and buy the crypto.
  • Credit cards : Different cards are added and attached to buy the crypto directly from the cards.

Bonus 🤑

Coinbase Bonus

Coinbase also offers different type of bonuses to attract the new users. For those looking to get started for the first time, they have a sign up bonus, where you'll get $10 of free Bitcoin by signing up for an account and buying or selling $100 or more on Coinbase. But that's not the best bonus you can get on Coinbase! You can also earn up to $40 by answering few simple questions about various cryptocurrencies like Compound, Celo, Stellar, Filecoin, Orchid etc..

The platform offers other different rewards as well. For instance cosmos staking rewards and Tezos staking rewards as well.

Features of Coinbase ⚙️

Coinbase has variety of features to assist the users by providing efficient and quality services.

  • The 35 million people in over 100 countries trust Coinbase to buy sell trade and earn cryptocurrency.
  • Coinbase Pro, a trading platform where more experienced traders can exchange a wider range of assets with more advanced trading, buy and sell options, audio books, and charts and graphs.
  • Coinbase also have their own coin base wallet app, which is a place to store your cryptocurrencies securely, where you have control of your crypto assets.
  • 32 crypto-currencies are available at the Coinbase with a further few available in Pro.

It helps the users to learn the trading as well

Business tools 🛠️

The Coinbase platform offers different tools of business and offers great business opportunity for the people.

  • Prime : This feature allows the users to do crypto trading for the big institutions and earn a good profit.
  • set hub This feature allows the users to list their assets on Coinbase.
  • Commerce : To enlist the crypto payments for the e-commerce business
  • Custody : Crypto custody for the institutions and protection of funds
  • Ventures : To raise the money for the start-up

Crypto-currency portfolio

Coinbase offers the users to make their won crypto-currencies portfolio and have a detailed analysis of their coins. It also offers protection of the value as well.

Pros and cons

Pros 👍

  • It went through a lot of regulations to be so they've never been hacked, and a considered a well trusted place to buy and sell your crypto.
  • Coinbase Pro, a trading platform where more experienced traders can exchange a wider range of assets with more advanced trading, buy and sell options, audio-books, and charts and graphs

Cons 👎

  • The fees do give Coinbase quite a bad price in the crypto community.


Coinbase is the safest platform to buy and trade bitcoin. Owing to its great services and other features, it has hit record number of users within short span of time. Overall, it is a good platform to enter into the crypto world.