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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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PureVPN Review

Based in Hongkong, PureVPN has dominated the VPN Business since 2007 with innovative features such as :

  • over 2000 self-managed servers spanning across over 140 counties and 180 locations
  • mobile support for nearly everything, a diverse range of protocols
  • torrent compatibility
  • DNS and IPv6 protection
  • Smart kill switch
  • split tunnelin
  • and transactions via Bitcoin if users choose.

PureVPN Supported Devices

Pretty much everything!
PureVPN has an arsenal of dedicated apps across every central platform, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Additionally, PureVPN also has a list of browser extensions spanning across popular platforms like Google, Firefox, and more. PureVPN is also be set up on routers, Kodi, Android TV, Fire TV Stick, and other devices.

PureVPN Fees

PureVPN offers to support up to 10 devices simultaneously, more than any VPN in the market today. However, PureVPN’s pricing is on the costlier spectrum averaging at $11 per month, but they offer a cheaper alternative over the long term with their $8.33 per month on a six-month plan or $5.82 per month on the yearly plan.

Users can choose to try their services on a 7-day trial basis for $1, giving plenty of time for users to test out their services.


PureVPN Security and Privacy

PureVPN offers some of the most robust security and privacy in the market. A popular IT firm, Altius IT, accredited its impenetrable security, system configurations, and privacy policies as exceptional in a recent audit of the platform’s security systems and privacy policies.

PureVPN Features

Users can get PureVPN instantly as the platform supports just about every payment channel there is, including credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, other notable cryptocurrencies via their Coin Payment option, AliPay, Giftcards, and a span of 150 different payment methods through their Paymentwall platform.

Moreover, PureVPN’s connection times are lightning-fast, clocked at around three seconds for IKEv2 and eight seconds for OpenVPN. Users can choose from various protocols, including OpenVPN, TCP/UDP, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IKEv2.

PureVPN also offers IPv6 leak protection, which automatically chooses the ideal port, mitigating closed and bottlenecked options. Users can choose a non-NAT network to generate unique IP addresses.

PureVPN App

The App features are consistent throughout different platforms; users get the same set of features, countries, cities, and modes. Users can also choose the purpose for their VPN connection from streaming services to regular browsing. The Android app keeps doesn’t cut out the settings and features offered in the Desktop App, which is typical for most platforms. Moreover, users can still choose their preferred protocol, use a kill switch, utilize split tunneling, port forwarding, and more.

PureVPN Performance

pureVPN speed

In Performance benchmarks tested on Ookla’s Speedtest and Netflix’s, a 70Mbps connection managed to hit the 65 Mbps threshold consistently with a VPN connection. That accounts for a 9% slowdown.

Moreover, PureVPN performed exceptionally well in day time tests, with average speeds of 190-250 Mpbs with a non-VPN speed of 600 Mbps. However, VPNs with better daytime speeds, such as Speedify, managed to clock up to 410 Mbps and Hotspot Shield capping at 580 Mbps.

PureVPN support

PureVPN offers some of the most extensive support sites with countless tutorials and troubleshooting guides. PureVPN’s opening page guides you to versatile categories, including Setup Guides, troubleshooting, FAQ, Account, billing, and more. Each category lands users to avenues of content that could help users fix problems and answer their queries.

Moreover, users can open support tickets from their clients to get a hold of the platform’s support team.


PureVPN has become a household name for VPN; it offers some of the best features and options in the market that spans across every major platform, like NordVPN