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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Has the Controversial Logger Improved?

Living in a period during which more and more "Big Brother" authoritarian states rise up, it is crucial to protect your online identity. The cybersecurity industry provides us with many options. Most of the time, VPNs protect our privacy much more efficiently.

Coming from the Czech cybersecurity software giant Avast, a VPN service called HideMyAss! begins to slowly compete with famous solutions like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. In this article, we will review HideMyAss! And discover how it stands against its competitors.

How does HideMyAss fare as a VPN?

Whilst the platform previously enjoyed controversy due to an issue of logging users, HideMyAss has made it back with a no-logging policy and more features than ever before. The VPN is now marketed for being used for streaming services, but it can obviously be utilized for other functions as well.

The most noteworthy upgrade comes in the field of servers, out of which HideMyAss! offers 160 in total. There are absolutely zero data limits, and per the platform, the average stream speed goes up to 20 Gbps. Outside of streaming, the VPN offers more than 1060 servers from individual countries and 290 locations.

Price-wise, HideMyAss! balances out its packages pretty fairly compared to the competition. However, it is noticeable that annual packages are far more expensive compared to the average. On the other hand, monthly subscriptions are priced slightly below the average.

What makes HideMyAss a great VPN?

Several cybersecurity experts praise HideMyAss for their new user-friendly interface, a large number of servers, and even for their security features. The bottom line is that the service definitely does a great job at offering private access to the internet, but what are the specific details that you should know about?

Server availability

The proximity of internet servers determine your entire online experience. When it comes to VPNs, this is expressed far more significantly. If there are no VPN servers near you, it is highly unlikely that you will browse the net without bottlenecks. HideMyAss does a great job with servers as it offers great geographic diversity. There are more than 290 locations in 190 countries, some of which are not commonly found in most VPN services. HMA even manages to outcompete its closest rivals by a high margin.

Privacy 🔒

While a high internet speed is nice, it is not a necessity. In the end, privacy should be the most important feature when looking for a VPN. While HideMyAss is plagued with a bad history of logging and tracking user data, it appears that company policies have been changed.

Per the company's official privacy policy, several steps have been taken to vastly reduce data gathering processes. As a matter of fact, the VPN official does not log any kind of information anymore. This includes IP addresses, browsing data, and other crucial data.

However, it is essential to note that the proxy browser plugin still tracks almost all internet data. Nevertheless, the data is (officially) deleted on a monthly basis.

Pros and cons

To quickly summarize and find out more advantages and disadvantages about HMA, take a look at the short list below.

Pros: 👍

  • Higher than average internet speed
  • User-experience oriented interface
  • Great server availability and range
  • Perfect for using streaming services

Cons: 👎

  • Expensive compared to the competition
  • No specific server location disclosure
  • Logs data (only on the proxy browser plugin)