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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Hodlr Swiss

Hodlr.Swiss are reputed manufacturers of stainless steel cold storage mnemonic seed backup tools that comprise 24 disks for 24 recovery words used in users’ hardware wallet recovery seeds. Holder.Swiss’ Hodlr disks are compatible with every significant BIP39/SLIP39 hardware wallet, giving users the most impenetrable and ideal security solution.



The Hodlr disk gives users physical peace of mind thanks to its marine-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel is engineered to keep your seeds safe from any physical or natural destruction such as fire, water, corrosion, shocks, and time. The Hodlr disk is 100% electricity-free; hence it is offline, out of reach from malicious users.

Seamlessly Easy

The Hodlr disk offers a straightforward and accessible step-by-step guided protocol to users on the mechanisms and steps to properly use their Hodlr devices. The step-by-step guide includes in-depth engraving protocols, recovery protocols, and more. These guides were specifically engineered around simplicity, security, and accessibility. Users can engrave their seed effortlessly with the included tools. Moreover, Recovering and reading users’ seeds are designed to be extremely easy and comfortable.

Offline Cold Storage

The Hodlr disk is 100% electricity-free, and it is DIY; therefore, there is no third party involved in engraving your seeds onto the disks. Moreover, the offline nature of the Hodlr disks makes it immune to hackers and malicious users.

Exclusive features

The Hodlr disk offers an intuitive set of 24 spinning disks so users can quickly access and read their recovery reeds. The set of 24 spinning disks are ready to punch pre-engraved letters with the included punching tool making the process as seamless as possible.

Engineered to be compact

The Hodlr disks weights about 500g or 1 pound. With a diameter of just 2.5 inches and a max height of about 1 inch, the Hodlr device is compact, easy to store and hide.


The Hodlr disk has some of the most impenetrable tamper-proof locking systems that keep users’ recovery seeds safe from any danger. It is optimized for secret sharing, and the platform does offer recovery schemes sheets included with the purchase of every Hodlr disk device.

How does it work


Hodlr.Swiss has designed step-by-step protocols for users to follow and ensure security. The platform encourages to schedule a minimum of 1 hour to prepare their respective Hodlrs. Moreover, they also urge users to ensure that there are no humans, cameras, or visual witnesses of you when you engrave your seeds onto the Hodlr disks. The platform also advises not to read out your seed words out loud to ensure maximum security.

The process is relatively simple; users get their mnemonic recovery seeds from their hardware wallets to their Hodlr. Users can upgrade from their paper backup to their holders or recover from their hodlrs on their hardware wallets.

To use their Hodlr disks, users have to simply open their Hodlr by unscrewing and detaching the top lid. Pre-mark their seed with a permanent marker so if they were to make mistakes, they can use alcohol or acetone to erase. After they’ve marked the correct terms, they can punch their seeds onto each of the 24 disks. After they’ve punched in their seeds, Users can simply seal their Hodlrs and store them in a safe place.

Hodlr.Swiss urges users to keep their Hodlr disks private in a safe and discrete location. The Hodlr Disk has a magnet included, which users can use to store in creative places. Moreover, the manufacturers also advise keeping their Hodlrs away from any camera on your phones, laptops, computers, or recorders.


Hodlr.Swiss offers an innovative device that maximizes security, unlike any other platform. Made from 316L of marine-grade stainless-steel, the device is practically indestructible and the best recovery seed cold storage backup tool in the market.