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Indestructible pretty much describes the BitLox Ultimate.

Each Bitlox Ultimate has a case that is machined from a single block of high-strength titanium - the same material spy planes and satellites are made of.

Your BitLox has the capability to store up to 100 wallets (each containing practically unlimited addresses) - and up to 50 of them may be completely hidden, with only YOU knowing that they are even there.

Includes a BitLox hardware wallet encased in titanium TA-2 grade alloy, 1 travel sized USB micro cable (8 cm), 1 desktop length USB micro cable (60 cm), leather case, mnemonic cards, quick start sheet, full user manual and stylish presentation box.

All BitLox products carry a 5 year warranty

The World's ONLY Standalone Secure Hardware Crypto Wallet

Why choose BITLOX?

  • Mobile with Bluetooth LE for low power usage
  • Credit card form factor
  • 4 mm thin - smallest possible!
  • 2" full matrix advanced e-paper display - can display your address QR codes when fully powered off
  • Indestructible shockproof & weatherproof metal case
  • Can be charged with any micro-USB cable
  • Extra flat form factor cables with reversible heads included
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Display and sign free-form messages with your address key - proving your identity
  • Multiple layers of PIN protection - for the device, your wallets, and even for individual transactions
  • Device verification- set a custom phrase to be displayed after entering your personal passcode - that way you know it's YOUR BITLOX
  • NIST certified True Random Number Generator to secure your signatures
  • Over 100 wallets possible, each of which can generate millions of unique addresses
  • Hidden Wallets - hidden wallet data is INDISTINGUISHABLE from random bytes - only YOU can even know they are there and random byte structure means you maintain plausible deniability
  • Emergency PIN irrevocably wipes all user data
  • Full alphanumeric keypad directly on the device - entering your PINs has never been more secure
  • 12, 18 or 24 word mnemonic backups enable recovery of all funds if your BITLOX is ever lost or stolen
  • Mnemonic phrases are compatible with leading web wallets and open source tools
  • Fine leather protection case included FREE
  • Stylish and advanced design that will be the envy of all your friends
  • Fully BIP32 & BIP39 compliant
  • Lightweight yet robust at only 25 g
  • Internally calculates transaction fees & displays them - so you never get a "surprise" with fees