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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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The cryptocurrency ecosystem is one of the most volatile markets in the world. Prices of digital currencies can skyrocket or plummet in an instant, so time is often essential to make the most out of a price movement. That’s why more and more investors decide to replace traditional crypto exchanges with crypto swapping websites, which allow for instant exchanging of digital assets.

What is Swapzone? is a crypto exchange aggregator which focuses on swapping websites. In other words, Swapzone allows you to easily compare different swap platforms, and quickly choose the one that best suits your needs - either the fastest one, or the one with the lowest fees.

Swapzone itself is not a crypto exchange - it simply lists all the swap platforms on the market, and lets you effortlessly compare transaction times and fees of different websites. All the listed swap services are integrated into Swapzone, so you can exchange cryptocurrency directly on the website with one click.

Swapzone Features

Swapzone aggregates offers from different instant exchange platforms and integrates them in one website. That’s why Swapzone itself doesn’t have any special features - its greatest feature is the fact that it can save you a lot of time by making a large number of swap platforms accessible in one place.

With Swapzone, you don’t have to spend half an hour trying to google the swap platform with the best fees. You simply go to, type in the amount of the digital currency you want to exchange, and you immediately know which swapping service will let you change crypto with the lowest fees.

Swapzone Fees

Swapzone is completely free, and there are no hidden fees. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can exchange cryptocurrency with 0% fee - you still have to pay the fee from the swap platform you select to process the exchange. However, Swapzone itself doesn’t add any extra fee on top of the amount you would normally pay for changing crypto, and no registration or KYC/AML is required either.

What Coins and Tokens Are Supported on Swapzone? Since Swapzone lists 10+ different swap platforms which all support different cryptocurrencies, you can use the website to exchange a large number of digital assets. However, the number of offers you will get depends on the popularity of the cryptocurrency you want to exchange.

For example, if you want to exchange Bitcoin for popular altcoins like Ethereum, stablecoins like Tether or privacy coins like Monero, you will usually be able to choose from 10+ offers. But if you want to exchange your coins for a less known token, Swapzone will present you with just a couple, or sometimes even only one offer.

Pros & Cons of Using Swapzone


  • 10+ integrated swap platforms
  • 100% free with no hidden fees
  • can save you a lot of time


  • small number of offers for some of the supported tokens