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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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I have been dependent on for a while now for buying cryptocurrencies and managing my assets. My experience has been mainly on the positive side only, and I am going to use it in the future as well. is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in late 2017 and is a US-based exchange. In the crypto community, it is a part of more than 350 markets which include the likes of USDT, BTC, ETH, CNYX, etc.

Key features of

Some of the features of I liked a lot are:

  • They use both centralized and decentralized methods to protect my digital assets and funds. People at also claim that they are the first exchange to invest millions in security and law funds, thus enabling them to increase security and safety.
  • They offer an efficient and convenient trading system and an instant deposit and withdrawal service.
  • has been in business since 2013. Thus, I consider it to be very safe and reliable.
  • From what I have observed, strictly follows the rules and regulations and has never allowed market manipulation. The company’s operations are open and transparent, and the people working there are very cooperative.
  • Another feature I liked a lot is that many operating systems support their website and mobile applications. These include Android APK, Play Store, and App Store on mobile and Windows and Mac OS for desktop.
  • They have also provided us with the links and code snippets of APIs like Futures API, Spot API, Trading Pairs API, Market Info API, and many more.

Fee structure and limitations offers instant deposits and withdrawals of cryptos with no deposit fee. The trading and the withdrawal fees are also low as compared to many other cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading fee charged by is 0.20%, whereas the average for the same around the globe is 0.25%.

Services offered by

Some of the trading options available on are:

  • Spot Trading: It is crypto-to-crypto trading, for example selling USDT for BTC.
  • Margin Trading: You can borrow from other users and amplify your profit and loss.
  • ETF: Crypto ETF products, including leveraged, combined, and inverse ETFs.
  • Perpetual: It is a crypto derivative that differs from traditional futures, mainly because it has no settlement date.
  • Delivery: It is future contracts that are settled at the expiration time. No funding payment is received or paid.
  • CBBC: It stands for Callable Bull/Bear Contract. It is a structured product with high leverage, easy purchase, and low fee.
  • Warrant: If you are bullish on the price movement of the underlying asset, buy a call warrant, and if you are bearish, buy a put warrant.

To sum up the review

As an established exchange with cutting-edge technology and as one of the earliest and largest exchanges, I can easily recommend the use of It is a gateway to cryptocurrency for the purpose of buying cryptos, selling cryptos, lending, taking loans, and many more things.

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