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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Cryptx Terminal

People at CryptX say that they specialize in making cryptocurrency easy. I firmly believe them when they say so after experiencing their website and services. They have kept everything segregated and in an organized way, and that is what makes them different from other crypto trading companies, in my opinion.

CryptX was founded in 2018 by Joseph Bolkvadze, an experienced finance and software development entrepreneur. CryptX Wallet's CEO George Gvazava is a leading financial expert, advisor, and lecturer at universities in France and Georgia. He also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Finance.

Some of the services that they offer are:

  • CryptX Wallet: A crypto wallet for businesses that deal in multiple cryptos
  • CryptX Terminal: A platform where all kinds of crypto trading are possible
  • CryptX IQ: Custom Software Development.
  • Cryptal Exchange: Simple and secure crypto exchange
  • Cryptomat: Buy and sell Bitcoin for cash

The CryptX Wallet is one of the most secured crypto wallets I have seen so far. CryptoX claims that our private keys are stored in Swiss Bank-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSM) developed, manufactured, programmed, and operated in Switzerland.

Fee structure

Anyone can make a CryptX Terminal account for free at Trading plans range from free to professional, for a monthly fee of $37. Your first month includes the professional plan at no cost.

Key features of CryptX Terminal

Some of the key features that I found out of CryptX are:

  • Multiple Exchanges possible: Stay connected to top exchanges, including Bitstamp, Binance, and Kraken.
  • Support of auto trading bots: Bots have specially trained to help the users buy and sell for us. They have also trained for following our rules and the way we prefer to trade.
  • Profit-loss control: Has the ability of faster price discovery and execution for crypto assets across multiple exchanges.
  • Safe and secure: As discussed before, the management of digital assets across wallets is seamless and secure.
  • User-friendly interface: In the very beginning, I mentioned that everything is well organized, thus helping a lot for trading efficiently.
  • KPI and reporting: With CryptX, you can analyze your trading history with ease. You can make and improve your future strategies to maximize your profits.

CryptX Wallet also offers SegWit (Segregated Witness), transaction batching, and other fee management tools and saves us from over expenditures. Thus, they manage to keep their fee low and simple. CryptX Wallet supports over a hundred coins and it has also partnered with Genesis, which is one of the most trusted Bitcoin ATMs in the world.

To sum up the review

CryptX is a relatively new start-up and is doing great in that term, but still, it has a long way to go as there are many other experienced crypto trading platforms available in the market. I can easily recommend CryptX to anyone who wants to trade in cryptos, especially those new to this field, as it is a well-built website. It is easy to understand how things work on CryptX and how to proceed step-by-step for making investments, trading, and exchanging cryptos.