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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Cryptocurrencies have finally gone mainstream. The past few months have seen crypto coins like Bitcoin rise to $1 trillion in market capitalization.

The increase in the value of cryptocurrencies over the years has increased the demand for crypto. The last few months have seen newbies flocking to the industry.

The demand for crypto and the creation of new tokens have made it difficult to find a good platform for exchanging your crypto.

Due to their user-friendly, crypto exchanges are a popular method of buying, trading and storing your cryptocurrencies.

Some exchanges offer more value to users than others for so many reasons. Every cryptocurrency investor wants exchanges that are easy to use, offer a wide range of pairs to exchange and it's reliable and transparent.

If you're just starting with reading cryptocurrency or you've been trading for a long time but looking for a better alternative to any exchange you're using right now, try

Overview is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This top-notch cryptocurrency exchange wants to help accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing top-quality services and spreading the crypto 'gospel' as far as possible. was founded in 2016 by four co-founders:

  • Kris Marszalek, CEO
  • Bobby Bao, Head of Corporate Development
  • Rafael Melo, CFO
  • Gary Or, CTO

The platform was formerly known as Monaco before it rebranded to in 2018. has employed about 700 staff and has garnered a user base of more than 5 million active cryptocurrency investors.

The number reflects one thing, the platform has amazing features that users both old and new can't get enough of.

Features ⚙️

Here are some of the amazing features of the platform.

Ease of Use has one of the simplest user interfaces of all cryptocurrency exchanges. The user interface is built to accommodate the tech-savviness of new and old users alike.

Most people rate the platform as the most beginner-friendly in the industry. Sign up and you'll understand why they say so.

Security 🔒 boasts of one of the most secure exchanges in the world. You can safely store your crypto in your account and be rest assured that will store your investment in a cold-wallet specially built to help secure user investment.

$50 Signup Bonus 🤑

When you sign up for a account, you're rewarded with $50 in crypto for trading your favorite tokens on the exchange.

$25 FREE with the code "wjmqum5aqj"

Low Transaction Fees offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry. Transaction fees go as low as 0.04 to 0.2% for the maker fee, and 0.10% to 0.30% for the taker fee respectively.

12% Interest P.a. on Crypto Deposits 📈

Deposit crypto and earn 12% interest per annum paid to you in CRO. CRO is the native token of the platform.

VISA Card 💳

When you sign up for a account, you can request a VISA card. The amazing feature of this card is you get an 8% cashback on every purchase made with this card.

Crypto Exchange

Exchange over 80 different cryptocurrencies on the exchange. offers BTC, ETH, and CRO trading pairs.


You can do a lot on the DeFi section. You can store your DeFi tokens, you can swap and farm DeFi coins in the DEX.

Keep in mind that you can access some or all of these features, depending on your location. Regardless, with all these exciting features, is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry right now!