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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Dappradar Review

Dappradar is an established data acquisition and analysis company that monitors over 3,500 unique and different decentralized apps across multiple blockchains that comprise Etheruem, TRON, EOS, WAX, Steem, HIVE, and more.

Dappradar is undoubtedly the largest Dapp channel in the world. It serves as the hub through which millions of Dapp users, researchers, journalists, analysts, and investors gain accurate and practical data to form calculated decisions.

Additionally, users can share their opinion and ratings through which they can rank various Dapps affiliated with different blockchains. Users often rank Dapps through user and volume filters, enabling fast discovery and analysis of exemplary Dapps. Moreover, Dapp developers also use the platform for marketing their product to a newer userbase through the platform’s developer dashboard.

Dappradar is supported by notable investors from Naspers Ventures, Ventures, and Angel Invest Berlin. Dappradar has successfully created a strong commercial and much-needed brand and product in the crypto ecosystem through them.

Dappradar’s Dapp Ranking

At the core of Dappradar’s success is their proprietary ranking table coined by the platform’s CEO, Skirmantas Januskas, who founded the company and introduced a tool that the world was in dire need of.

Today, the ranking table lists over 3,500 Dapps and continues to grow. The Dapps are divided across 14 unique blockchains and nine distinct categories with Ehteruem because the most emergent in the list.


Dappradar’s Dapp discovery

Dappradar’s discovery has become a crucial mechanism for Dappradar’s success. After a recent technological development, the platform works as guidance when searching for ideal Dapps.

The platform has recently introduced newer sections such as Editor’s Picks and Recommended Dapp, which introduces highly acclaimed and essential Dapps to newer users. Moreover, the platform has also added a section to introduce unique Dapps, which revolves around the most sought after categories in the market. This section combines a lot of updated data, content, and the users’ dashboard into one channel, improving user experience and overall visual appeal when using the platform.

Dappradar’s News and Content

Dappradar runs an active blog and exhibits consistent industry reports, analysis, and trend news targeted around the Dapp ecosystem and a wider audience. Dappradar’s News and Content team consists of expert writers, analysts, industry veterans, journalists, and bloggers that endlessly perform market analysis and research using the Dappradar platform to deliver accurate and compelling content to their audience.

Dappradar does so by utilizing analytics established on the user’s trust in the data provided. Dappradar tirelessly works to filter out fake and irrelevant activity caused by third parties to deliver sophisticated and accurate market intelligence.

Dappradar Background

Dappradar was found by Skirmantas Januskas, who aspired to provide the world with a tool they sought after. Dappradar operates from Lithuania, the heart of Europe. Dappradar sees the potential Lithuania has as a space for cryptocurrencies. Lithuania has concreted its name as the early pioneers of blockchain adoption. With a population less than New York City, the country has successfully raised over €500 million through ICO project in 2017 alone.


Dappradar is established on strong principles and beliefs that revolve around providing data accuracy and provision. Dappradar aims to provide users with seamless access to accurate and correct data.

With support from their investors at Naspers Ventures, Blockchain Ventures, and Angel Invest Berlin, Dappradar envisions investing in companies and sectors with high, long-term growth potential. As blockchain continues to emerge and revolutionize critical industries worldwide, Dappradar has successfully bolstered its brand and product in the crypto space.

With over 4000 DApps tracked, over 200,000 users every day, around 48,000 Smart Contracts, over 4 million Transactions, and a staggering $5.4 Billion trading volume in a day, there’s no doubt about the platform’s influence.