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Mint 19th Jun 2022
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Online betting or gambling is a kind of online gaming conducted globally among potential players and gamblers. Different online games like sports betting, casino games, and virtual poker are normally played for betting purposes. This online market is growing with every passing year, as per statistics, this market almost worth around $40 billion every year globally.
However, many countries have reservations and restrictions on online gambling but it is considered a legal game in most of the European Union countries, some regions of Canada, a few states of the United States, and multiple nations located in the Caribbean.


Cloudbet is a virtual and online platform offering online casino games and sports betting, instant moneymaking services using well-known cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (USDT), and Ethereum (ETH) in most of the countries.
Cloudbet is a well-recognized crypto-based online betting platform that has been operating since 2013 and is considered one of the best and well-established online casino games and esports betting platforms.
To make its platform secure and to avoid any anti-fraud practice, all the users will have to obey a strict clause of not having more than one account on a single IP address, otherwise, upon the violation, their accounts including deposited funds will be frozen.
To follow regulations, Cloudbet is registered and licensed by two well-known and internationally acceptable gaming licensing authorities; Curacao ( under Halcyon Super Holdings B.V) and Montenegro (under the company named TIGER TREE HOLDINGS d.o.o).

For better understanding, let's discuss Cloudbet deeply down here.

Following are the core features of Cloudbet; making it a unique and entertaining platform:

Biggest first deposit bonus:

Right now in the industry, Cloudbet offers the finest and biggest first deposit bonus that is absolutely 100% means up to 5 BTC or 5 Bitcoin cash (BCH) but before that, you must have a minimum of 0.01 BTC in your Cloudbet account upon joining. It is only awarded when you sign up as a new user/player on Cloudbet.

cloudbet bonus

Cloudbet offering hundreds of casino games and esports:

There are hundreds of casino games available to play and bet on Cloudbet. Almost 900 casino games are there but live games like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis are also there to bet.

Cloudbet offering loyalty points:

When you place a bet on Cloudbet for betting then you earn Loyalty Points. These reward points are granted automatically when you make a bet using Bitcoin. For more clarity, upon receiving 800 loyalty points, you can get 0.01 BTC. These bitcoins are added directly into your betting account after releasing and you can further use them in placing betting.

  • 44 Slot games in total
  • 44 Video poker games
  • 6 Baccarat games
  • 19 Jackpot slots
  • 16 Roulette games
  • 32 Blackjack games

Easy join and depositing options:

It's quite easy to join Cloudbet as both mobile and desktop devices are supported to create a new account. Just click on the Signup button and follow the further two steps. An email will be sent to the given address, after clicking on the activation link, a new account will be confirmed and created. Then you can perform your first deposit to take part in betting.

cloudbet bonus

Deposit and withdrawal options for Cloudbet:

The minimum deposit for Cloudbet is 0.001 BTC and there is no limitation for a maximum deposit and same case for withdrawal option. Just a few seconds are enough to deposit as Cloudbet offers a quick depositing facility. Even there is always a support team to facilitate you regarding your depositing transactions.
But in case of withdrawing, if you are withdrawing a heavy amount then the process will be conducted manually which can take a short delay.

Depositing cryptocurrency on Cloudbet is free but as per its clause, Cloudbet has the right to charge up to 5% for managing and handling your deposits and withdrawals. Moreover; a 4.5% fee will be charged when you credit your account from Moonpay (a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway) using a debit or credit card.

cloudbet bonus

Is Cloudbet safe and secured?

Being a well-established platform and leader of its gambling category, Cloudbet offers quality security services to keep its players' funds safe and secure by using all the modern technologies. Deposit (cryptocurrency) is received in cold storage and keys are kept offline to keep it away from any kind of possible online threat or hack. However, an online hot wallet is also there to facilitate the players to proceed with the betting processes or allowing for a quick and secure withdrawal under all the protocols.

Cloudbet PROS and CONS:

Before joining the discussed platform, take a look at the following points:


  • Largest sports betting market with hundreds of casino games
  • Quite easy to use with attractive and engaging UI
  • Every provided info is so cleared and updated as well.
  • A variety of casino games with great betting options
  • Offering massive deposit bonus with incredible loyalty points


  • It is normally said that it's not so competitive.
  • Residents of some countries are restricted to use.
  • There is a slow withdrawal process to follow