BTC hits $50k ! What next ?

BitCoin Hits $50000 for the first time, what a new ATH !

Boost from Tesla, Intistustions, Retailers, Paypal…

Many people are expecting a huge correction, but they expected the correction at 30k, and at 40k. The rally may not be over yet, fasten your seat belt.

Step back, have a look at the chart history since 2011, and you may have a nice idea of what is coming next, no matter what happens, small 30% or 40% won’t stop BTC in the current bull cycle. At least that’s what we think!

Tradingview and Fibonacci circles are the best indicators, don’t underestimate their strength.

Here is what we came up with:

Look how precise you could forecast the previous ATH at the end of the 2 previous cycles, that’s just amazing.

Now look what could come next: 85k, 220k … make your own analysis. The cycle has just started.

BTC interest, and buying crypto in general has never been so high:

Oops, I meant THIS HIGH :

It’s not too late to buy Bitcoins folks! Check out the best of cryptocurrency exchanges here or bitcoin wallets!

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